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Manned Guarding
Services Birmingham

Birmingham Manned Guarding Services

Birmingham Manned Guarding services, Security Guard services in Birmingham, Guard services in Birmingham or benefits of security guard services in Birmingham, regardless which word you type, look no further as you have come to the right place. At Uniguard we provide professional security guard services across Birmingham.

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Looking for Manned Guarding Near Me?

At Uniguard we provide Manned Guarding Security Service for your business at a reasonable rate . Our security staff are fully qualified to carry out manned guarding services for your business. We provide manned guarding service in areas such as Birmingham City Centre, Sutton, Solihull and many more areas within Birmingham. We service the entire region of the West Midlands

What you will get as a Manned Guarding customer?

Site Survey
This survey will have detailed assignment instructions


Recruit or transfer employees under TUPE

High Intense Induction 
They are trained by a supervisor and given full details of their requirement on site

Weekly site inspections by our Trained Mobile Officer

Our officers have the same or similar backgrounds for the role applied for with a minimum of 5 years workable history within that field

Fixed Monthly invoicing
Ensuring projected costs are spread throughout the year.

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