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Uniguard now providing Key Holding & Alarm Response Service

We are letting our network know that we are now providing keyholding & alarm services nationwide.

All of our staff are fully qualified to handle any type of situation. They have been DBS Approved and they have gone through intense training which is needed to gain an SIA license.

What you will get as an customer:

✅ Our team will conduct a site visit with the client and go through a detailed procedure.

✅ We will carry out a risk assessment at the premises to safeguard your customers and your staff.

✅ Our security guards will go through a training exercise which is dedicated to the project.

✅ The keys are stored safely in a BSI Approved Pouch.

✅ Security signage will be displayed across the premises.

✅ Option to add in mobile patrol, lock & unlock; many other services.

✅ Once the project has started we will take full responsibility 24/7 of your premises when it comes to its security.

✅ The Uniguard Security Team will be deployed straight away upon security alert activation.

✅ Onsite officers will raincheck the entire premises inside and outside.

✅ Upon intrusion or dangerous situations our security officers will contact emergency services and get in touch with relevant business contact.

✅ Extensive reports will be given every month.

What is key holding service?

Key holding security services involve having a security company hold the keys to a building or property, rather than the owner or manager of the property. This can be useful in a variety of situations, such as when the owner or manager is away for an extended period of time or if there is a risk of keys being lost or stolen.

The security company will provide a trained security guard to respond to any alarms or other security incidents that occur at the property, and will also perform regular inspections of the property to ensure that it is secure.

In some cases, the security company may also provide other services such as remote monitoring of the property, and they can also provide key holding as a part of a larger security package.

What is alarm response?

Alarm response security refers to the process of responding to an alarm that has been activated at a property, such as a home or business. This type of security service is typically provided by a security company, which will have trained security guards on call to respond to alarms at any time of the day or night.

When an alarm is activated, the security company will first verify the alarm, typically by trying to contact the owner or manager of the property, or by checking the security cameras to see if there is any indication of a problem. If the alarm is determined to be valid, the security guard will be dispatched to the property to investigate and take any necessary action to ensure the safety of the property and its occupants.

This type of service may be especially important for businesses or residential properties that are vulnerable to break-ins or other security incidents. Alarm response security can also be combined with other services such

as key holding and remote monitoring to provide a comprehensive security solution.

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