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Fire Extinguisher  Services Nationwide

Fire Extinguisher servicing

It is known as ‘basic service’ to have your fire extinguishers serviced every 12 months, and needs to be done in accordance with BS 5306. We would always advise fire extinguisher servicing to be done by trained professionals so it can be carried out in the safest and most efficient way possible, keeping you and your business safe in the event of an emergency.

After this service has taken place, you will then be expected to carry out regular monthly checks to ensure that the extinguisher is in good working order. A monthly check should take no time at all, as all you will have to do is check the overall condition of the fire extinguisher, its current pressure gauge and its headcap pin and seal. Feel free to contact us on 0121 374 0225 if you need any help checking your fire extinguishers monthly.

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