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Health Care Cleaning Services Nationwide

Protecting your health care premises

At Uniguard we are accredited by the CHAAS and we understand the importance of meeting the standard of the CQC. We have got extensive experience within health care establishments such as private hospitals, public hospitals, care homes, pharmacies, doctor surgeries, dental surgeries and rehabilitation units across the United Kingdom.

It is essential that any health care premises will have a clean environment throughout the working and non working day. All of our staff members go through intense training and go through health and safety and cross contamination exams to ensure that the job is done to a high standard. At Uniguard we review our cleaning policies, government and CQC guidelines every month. This is to ensure you (our client) get the best possible service money can buy.

Doctor's Clinic

Cleaning Services


GP Surgery

Experience, knowhow, execution.
Home Nurse Making Bed


Experience, knowhow, execution.
Dentist Chair

Dental Surgeries

Experience, knowhow, execution.
Supportive Friend

Rehabilitation Centres

Experience, knowhow, execution.
Interior of Pharmacy


Experience, knowhow, execution.
Chat with the Nursing Home Attendant

Care Homes

Experience, knowhow, execution.
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